GolfRez delivers standardized interoperability

The GolfRez toolset for technology developers allows for quick and easy coding. With GolfRez, developers can build engaging reservation experiences for golfers and travelers around the world.

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unified apiS with fulltime support

Design amazing reservation experiences

With GolfRez, you'll be building reservation and content widgets that allow golfers, travelers and customers of all types to enjoy a seamless experience at one url. With our fee of just $5.00 per reservation the technology and host company will enjoy revenue and competitive edge beyond anything available in the inventory reservation industry.

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concentrate on guest experience

No more worries about ongoing API management

We know developers do not want to spend their time managing API changes across 10, 15 or even 40 inventory sources. With GolfRez front-end developers can concentrate on what they love to do - build great digital experiences.

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Connect to over 3,000 courses
GolfRez works with thousands of golf properties around the world and makes their available tee times bookable in just a few clicks.
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Benefit with each transaction
Our unique flat fee model ensures you earn the best return.
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Go beyond golf
GolfRez brings hotels, live events, autos and airlines to your reservation options.