LinksRez acquires W5 Golf assets

LinksRez acquires W5 Golf assets


Boston, MA-- LinksRez, a company offering travel and lifestyle connectivity and distribution solutions, has acquired the assets of W5 Golf. W5 Golf was formed in 2005 to provide golf course operators access to connectivity and call center solutions. In 2006, W5 Golf created to provide golf courses with an opportunity to meet more golfers and sell them tee times.

The result of the acquisition is the formation of GolfRez. GolfRez will incorporate the acquired assets and create solutions for golf courses around the world. GolfRez is led by Mike Hendrix as President, and Jim Wood, who will become the CTO of LinksRez taking on significant GolfRez responsibilities.  

The new GolfRez call center will serve both public and private golf facilities, while will help public golf courses sell more tee times. Golf courses will not pay fees, commissions or similar when selling their tee times through GolfRez owned marketplaces including BirdieBug.

"I'm excited about the plan we've put together and thrilled to be working with Jim Wood. As a golf reservation company, we work with golf courses, golf software management companies, developers and management companies, and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with many of those leaders. Our mission is simple, 'help golf courses host more golfers' and the work will be rewarding." said Mike Hendrix. Jim Wood noted "the interoperability work the LinksRez team has completed is impressive and bringing that to golf is something I'm excited to continue. The work we do is going to open golf to a larger audience and the people connected to green grass facilities are going to benefit."

When 2022 ends, the United States green grass golf industry will have experienced growth of over 80 million rounds played in the previous three years. The recent growth is not reflected in the current owner / reseller equation. At the same time, labor markets have tightened while available golf services have dwindled. GolfRez enters the service and technology arenas with well positioned solutions.

LinksRez was founded in 2008 and is a market leading technology company offering resellers and suppliers seamless connectivity and distribution solutions. In June of 2022, Mike Hendrix and Jim Wood joined LinksRez to form GolfRez. GolfRez is a golf reservation company with a mission to help golf courses host more golfers.

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