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A reservation and customer service center, with call center agents, is one of the solutions GolfRez offers golf courses. Beyond golf courses, the GolfRez (G5) golf call center will service tee time marketplaces, reciprocal networks, private country clubs, golf resellers and more. Before we review the new G5 golf call center, let’s first journey through the history of call centers in the public and private golf course industry.

In 1991, Xeta Reservation Systems was offering automated voice tee time reservations and they enjoyed success for many years. When companies like EZLinks (Chicago) and Teemaster (Minneapolis) began working on bookable internet tee times they offered call centers for golf courses. The EZLinks and Teemaster call centers were staffed with agents who used their proprietary internet-based technology to complete tee time reservations. EZLinks and Teemaster launched and found early success between 1995 – 1998. In the early 2000's companies like Hilton and Marriott were staffing golf reservation centers and various vendors in the Myrtle Beach area were taking inbound calls for tee times.  

In 2006, Andy Weeks, who had co-founded EZLinks with Steve McKenna, launched W5 Golf. W5 Golf provided an online booking engine for golf courses but their main service was a golf course call center. Although some smaller regional companies were offering a golf course call center, EZLinks and W5 Golf became the dominant call center providers. They served golf courses throughout the United States and occasionally beyond their home country borders. Golf management companies like GolfNorth, Troon and Billy Casper Golf relied on call centers. Centralized call centers helped them standardize the experience they provide guests and helped to make their service more appealing to golf course owners looking to offload daily operations. Troon hosted an EZLinks call center team in their Arizona office. Billy Casper and OB Sports employed W5 Golf and GolfNorth staffed their own call center. By 2015, EZLinks had grown to become the only golf solutions company offering golf courses a point-of-sale system with an integrated tee sheet, a call center, and a golfer facing distribution portal for selling tee times.

EZLinks was the only golf course solutions company that offered ‘everything’ in 2015.

EZLinks in 2015

  • EZLinks Call Center
  • EZLinks Point of Sale
  • EZLinks Tee Sheet
  • EZLinks Distribution (TeeOff.com)

GolfNow in 2015

  • (competitive gap)
  • GolfNow Point of Sale
  • GolfNow Tee Sheet
  • GolfNow Distribution (GolfNow.com)

W5 Golf in 2015

  • W5 Call Center
  • (competitive gap)
  • (competitive gap)
  • W5 Golf Distribution (BirdieBug.com)   

In 2016, GolfNow partnered with W5 Golf on a call center agreement. The agreement gave GolfNow the exclusive right to sell the W5 Golf answering service to golf courses. This allowed GolfNow to eliminate the competitive sales advantage EZLinks was enjoying as a golf management software and service provider.

The events of 2019 led to massive change for golf call centers

New golf call centers were not frequently coming to market but TeeTimeCentral made a splash when it debuted at the PGA Show in Orlando in January of 2019. They shared booth space with Chronogolf which helped to highlight their call center interface with Chronogolf. Chronogolf had launched in 2012 and competed with EZLinks and GolfNow as a golf management software provider. In May of 2019, Lightspeed acquired Chronogolf and six months later GolfNow acquired EZLinks. This meant the two largest call centers, EZLinks and W5 Golf, were controlled by GolfNow.

Golf Solutions Industry highlights in 2019

  • JAN: Chronogolf partners with new call center TeeTimeCentral
  • MAY: Lightspeed acquires Chronogolf
  • NOV: GolfNow acquires EZLinks

Since GolfNow owned EZLinks, W5 Golf was no longer the problem solver it once was for GolfNow. It became obvious to golf courses and golf management companies they would be required to have a relationship with GolfNow if they wanted to enjoy the benefits of a large, integrated call center. The EZLinks acquisition led to W5 Golf suing GolfNow for breach of contract.

In the complaint, W5 Golf alleged that, “Prior to W5’s involvement with GolfNow, W5 was a successful and growing company that provided, inter alia, golf course reservation center services. W5 entered into an exclusive agreement with GolfNow to provide GolfNow-branded reservation center services to GolfNow’s current and future golf course customers, and GolfNow was to pay W5 for these services. In the course of doing so, W5 forewent other opportunities. GolfNow violated that agreement. NBC and Comcast tortiously interfered with W5’s and GolfNow’s agreement.”
W5 Golf further alleged that, “Plaintiff performed all material conditions, covenants, and promises required to be performed on its part in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement” and “GolfNow breached the contract with the acquisition of EZLinks in November 2019. EZLinks was a direct competitor of W5. As a result of the acquisition of EZLinks, GolfNow was now doing reservation center work through its EZLinks service, directly competing with W5, and W5 was not doing the work. This was and is a blatant and intentional violation of the Agreement by GolfNow.”

Between February and May of 2022, the W5 Golf/GolfNow lawsuit wound down and W5 Golf ceased all operations in March of 2022. Contrary to what many in the industry believed, GolfNow never purchased W5 Golf and never reached an agreement with W5 Golf that prevented W5 Golf from pursuing an acquisition.

In July of 2022, LinksRez purchased the now mothballed W5 Golf assets and launched GolfRez. GolfRez has since assumed ownership of the W5 Golf assets and transferred the W5 Golf code and domains to the GolfRez cloud. TimeTeeCentral continues to serve golf courses, mainly located in the Myrtle Beach area and Citywide Golf Solutions also serves a handful of golf courses. Although Cody Law, founder of Citywide Golf Solutions, passed away in July it is expected the company will continue to answer calls.

As you can see, it seemed the golf industry was only going to have one large call center available to assist golf courses. This was GolfNow Answers. At GolfRez, we feel there is an opportunity to provide an alternative to GolfNow Answers and using the W5 Golf technology is the best option for powering our golf call center. More than half of all public tee times in North America are booked by telephone and as labor markets tighten, a call center solution for golf courses is more important than ever.

The G5 Golf Call Center uses golf optimized technology

Our G5 Call Center for golf courses, country clubs, travel companies and more includes everything needed to provide a great experience for customers and our staff. We answer calls using our client’s brand name and we are able to identify callers before we answer the call which helps us provide a unique concierge experience.  

The G5 Call Center is a great solution for golf courses not using tee sheet software provided by GolfNow. This means golf courses using Lightspeed, foreUP, Club Caddie and more can enjoy phone-stress relief and reduce missed opportunities for tee time, event and membership sales.  

We believe in open API golf companies as their approach is best for the client. We are working to connect with semi-closed API tee sheet and data companies. This will allow us to be available to as many golf facilities wanting to deploy a call center in their customer service strategy.

GolfRez G5 golf call center tee sheet maximizer admin
G5 Golf Call Center Maximizer Admin

Our workflow for incoming calls is built to ensure friendliness, and optimized for revenue growth. We deploy custom scripts for each golf course and agents enjoy one-click access to the golf course scorecard, cancellation policy and call escalation. We provide agents with a live tee sheet view, without golfer data to ensure privacy, and as fast as possible case resolution.

When we complete a reservation or cancellation, tee time confirmation communication is sent using the golf course brand to help ensure an excellent guest experience. The G5 GolfRez API allows for reservation cancellations for all bookers, regardless of reservation origin. We offer round sharing functionality for management companies and friendly-neighbor (collaborative) golf courses and we back up all of our work with robust reporting. In addition to reports, we maintain every call audio files for 90 days to help rectify any disputes that may arise in the normal course of business.

Our technology was first used in the late 1990’s and over time it was improved, reviewed and improved again. We use ‘screen-pops’ to help agents perform at the highest level and we use conversion analysis to help incentivize and reward golf reservationists. Over the years a CHANNEL MANAGER was added along with functionality specific to RATES, RATE GROUPS, RATE BANDS, TEE SHEET NOTES and RULES. In recent years, many of the tee sheets we interface with have added the option to push rates directly to the G5 Call Center rather than use our rate management system but we find many golf courses will use some of our organic management options in addition to their pushed rates functionality.

Our service is not limited to voice calls. We support chat across several platforms including iMessage, SMS and Facebook.  

We offer our clients several reservation plans. Clients can choose partial day coverage or 24-hour coverage. They can choose unlimited call answers or daily limits to help keep costs in line. We offer a back-up service. With back-up, golf courses have the option to answer calls before we are made aware of the call. We offer golf business outbound call management. Our outbound is great for clubs working to sell memberships or the local course trying to sell a range pass.

GolfRez G5 golf call center quick links admin
G5 Golf Call Center Quick Links

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