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We see a bright, friendly future in the business of golf.

GolfRez is built on a foundation of friendliness. Our primary tee time marketplace is branded the friendliest tee time site on the planet. ​We believe in leading with friendliness and treating everyone as we hope to be treated. We love to compete and win but we refuse to discard friendliness in the name of growth, victories or market share.​

The problems we solve

Phone calls in the golf shop create stress and frustration.

In an age of engagement and being present with the customer, the telephone creates barriers and challenges for the staff in the golf shop. On-premise customers at feel like they have become a distraction when the counter clerk is speaking with someone on the phone. The tension can be thick and the golf shop vibe becomes uncomfortable. GolfRez answers phone calls for golf shops and other various golf businesses. We answer in the brand of the golf course and we help the caller reserve a tee time, learn more about memberships or just about anything else.

It's too hard for golf courses to sell their tee times across commission based marketplaces.

Tee time marketplaces have traditionally been built around a barter or trade model. Trade is used for compensation between the golf course and marketplace. The barter model prevents wide distribution of tee times across hundreds of travel and entertainment sites. GolfRez has built a tee time network using a commission model that allows the golf course to maintain margins and enjoy wide exposure on sites of all types, golf and otherwise.

Golf courses don't have the time or staff to make enough successful sales calls.

Sales activity is an important part of any business but not every golf business has enough time for sales. Golf course teams, the inside teams, are getting smaller and younger. The time commitment and the know-how related to the skill of sales is not easy to find. GolfRez solves this problem for golf courses by making sales calls for memberships, range passes, events and more.

Phone calls are overwhelming for golf shops during peak call times.

Very few golf courses in North America have a staff large enough to handle the call volume they experience between 6am and 9am but luckily GolfRez does. Golf courses miss reservations every day when they become over-matched by a large number of calls. Many of those golf courses are properly staffed and trained for their call volume after 10am. This is why GolfRez offers standby service and roll-over options.

Developers have to manage too many APIs when building bundled reservation (booking) engines.

Our partnership with LinksRez allows us to work with developers and leverage unified APIs. The developers work with just a few APIs - one hotel, one golf, one car, etc. and GolfRez maintains all of the golf APIs to help ensure our unified API is always live and ready for every call.

It's too expensive for golf courses to increase exposure of their tee times.

Typically golf courses are expected to trade rounds of golf for the opportunity to post their tee times on golf marketplaces. At GolfRez, we own which is a site built to sell tee times, hotel rooms, golf packages and a lot more. We invite all golf courses to sell their tee times on BirdieBug, free of charge and without price requirements.

Golf shop employees don't have enough time to properly collect golfer data during a phone call.

Almost every call taken in the golf shop begins with a sense of 'let's hurry and get this over with'. If all goes well, the call results in a booked tee time and hopefully the golfer shows up on time. It's very rare to see the golf course collect the proper data required for transactional and marketing follow-ups. We almost never see things like favorite golf course, favorite drink and birthday collected. These are some of the extra items we collect at GolfRez and when used properly, they can make a big difference in the success of the golf course.

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Meet the team!

You can find both Mike and Jim on LinkedIn
Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith supports GolfRez teams and has quickly developed a strong repour with existing and new clients.

Mike Hendrix

Mike has a long and successful history in the business of golf. He's built dynamic pricing products, and high-touch service teams for GolfNow and he lead the GolfNow Answers business. Mike is no longer actively engaged in the company and has moved on to a golf management software company.

Jim Wood

Jim serves as the CTO for GolfRez. Jim was the chief technologist at EZLinks for more than 20 years and built one of the most successful golf management software platforms in the history of golf. Jim also lead the project to build a highly successful tee time marketplace.

We'd love to work with you

We believe everyone enjoys a friendly atmosphere. In fact, friendliness is one of our core beliefs and it shapes how we work with customers and clients.
We've created simple to understand terms and we will walk away from potential frustration and disagreements before we raise our voice and lead a customer or client into a disappointing experience. ​
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