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GolfRez provides solutions to help golf courses host more golfers. Sign Up

Tee Time Websites

Golfers buy tee times from our websites and

Golf Call Center

We answer phones and inbound leads for golf courses. Every call is a potential sales opportunity.

Inventory APIs

We help golf technology developers build amazing reservation experiences.

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GolfRez Starter Kit packed with great features

The GolfRez Starter Kit comes with 100 answered phone calls, integrated tee times sales at and a click-to-call link from At $399 per month you're saving 20% and you'll likely begin one of the best relationships you'll have in golf.
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Call Center

The GolfRez Starter Kit comes with 100 answered phone calls, Integrated tee times sales and a click-to-call link.

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Be creative! Puzzle the different sections around and take sections from one page to another to create unique layouts!

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Click to Call

If we can help your phone ring more or increase your website traffic we've reached one of our mission goals.

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Tee time sales

We created a few nice symbols for you to use around the site, such as different Navigation bars and Footers!

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We work with hundreds of brands selling millions of reservation. Join this network in a commission agreement,

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And finally; rest easy and know that if you're not happy you can end any GolfRez agreement with one email.

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Grow your brand authority.

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Direct clicks to your website

At just $49 per month GolfRez Direct Clicks will become a top marketing initiative in your annual plans.

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Click-to-call convenience

We make it easy for golfers to call you and buy more tee times. For only $49 per month we'll connect you to a new group of golfers. This feature is free for call center clients.